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Family Therapy at RAFT Counseling

Families sometimes struggle with relationship issues, stress, overwhelm, parenting concerns, or mental health concerns. Our team of therapists in Parker, CO is dedicated to helping you find lasting solutions and build a stronger sense of family connection.

Families look many different ways. RAFT therapists work with couples, blended families, parents and children of all ages. Family conflicts are common. Whether it's conflicting parenting styles, disagreements about money and finances, or relational tensions among family members, there is no shortage of issues that can arise between family members. While these conflicts can often be extremely painful and difficult to deal with, they are also an opportunity for growth. Family therapy is a type of therapy that seeks to address underlying issues and help families find lasting solutions to their problems. Through open communication and thoughtful problem-solving strategies, family therapists help families communicate more effectively and resolve their differences in a healthy way.

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Counseling Helps with Communication and Connection

Even though family conflicts can be challenging on many levels, they can also serve as the catalyst for bringing families closer together through increased understanding and support. Whether there are longstanding conflicts among siblings, or gaps between parents and their children, there are many potential obstacles to effective communication. By listening carefully and effectively reflecting back feelings, therapists can help families move beyond old attitudes and painful differences, toward greater understanding and healing. With time, professional support, and hard work from all members of the family, it is possible for even the most troubling dynamics to evolve into something more positive and productive.

The goal of family therapy is to promote healthy relationships within the family and to resolve any issues that are preventing the family from functioning at its best. Family therapists with RAFT Counseling typically use a variety of different strategies and techniques in order to achieve these goals, including communication exercises, role playing, and open discussions.

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We offer a safe space to sort through the hurt and collaborate on how to move forward in a healthy way for the entire family. Our approach to family counseling focuses on building resilience through greater understanding and connection with those around us. Through compassionate listening and tailored interventions, we will work with you and your family to identify issues, explore available resources, and help you discover new ways of communicating and connecting with each other.

At its heart, family therapy is a collaborative process in which both the therapist and the family members work together towards a common goal: healing and growth. In many cases, this means processing through hurt feelings in order to focus on creating a more positive and fulfilling future for all involved. Although family therapy can be challenging at times, it is also deeply rewarding as it allows difficult issues to be addressed, relationships to improve, and families to come together as stronger units. If you or someone you love is struggling with issues within the family dynamic, we would love to connect with you in family therapy to support your healing and growth. Our caring and compassionate counselors at RAFT Counseling are dedicated to helping families overcome their struggles and become stronger as a unit. Reach out today if we can help, we would love to hear from you!



Family therapy is a type of counseling that focuses on helping families work through issues and concerns together. Individual counseling focuses on a single person and may only occasionally include important people to that individual. Family counseling includes family members at each session. Sometimes, therapists will ask individual family members to attend alone, or will ask only certain members to attend a session. However, the focus remains on the family dynamic and will most often include the entire family as a unit. At its core, family therapy aims to create an environment where the whole family can feel understood, supported, and heard. This can include making changes in communication patterns, changing roles and dynamics, or exploring new ways of relating to each other.

Family therapy is a type of therapeutic approach commonly used to address mental health concerns in individuals from all age groups. This form of therapy involves a trained counselor working directly with family members in order to develop new strategies for coping and communicating with one another. Family therapy has been shown to be highly effective at helping families overcome challenges related to issues such as addiction, abuse, anxiety, depression, and trauma. By providing support and guidance for family members, this approach helps individuals to cope more effectively with their mental health concerns and improve their overall quality of life. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, family therapy may be an incredibly valuable tool to consider.

Family therapy can support you with many areas of conflict and tension in family relationships. These may include relationship conflicts, growing old together, parenting challenges, struggles blending a family, financial concerns, and many others. Family therapy is a powerful tool for healing and growth. By creating a safe space for all members of the family to come together and express their thoughts and feelings honestly, this form of counseling can help to restore balance in relationships, strengthen connections between loved ones, and ultimately improve quality of life both at home and beyond.