Signs Your Teen May Need Therapy From Your Parker Counseling Team

For many, a person’s teenage years can include some of the most difficult mental challenges they will face in their life. Puberty, social pressure, and the many factors that make life a challenge for young individuals can make this a very crucial time when it comes to your mental health. It’s definitely not wise to overlook the importance of receiving treatment during this time as it can be vital to your child’s development to receive the attention they need. Many teenagers suffer from depression and anxiety and often avoid telling parents as a result of social stigma or not wanting to acknowledge anything is wrong. For this reason, it’s important to be able to identify the signs of mental illness in teens and why therapy from our compassionate team of therapists. 

Your Teenager Is Appearing Withdrawn

A major sign that your teenager may be dealing with mental health issues is they have recently started to withdraw socially and aren’t talking to you or their friends as much. This is a clear sign they may be struggling with depression or other mental health issues. Instead of prying too much, you can try to create a safe space for your teenager to open up about what they are going through. If they aren’t willing to engage with you right away, that’s ok. It’s understandable for teens to struggle with these types of issues while also not wanting to speak to their parents about it. Give them space and allow them to open up as needed, but don’t be afraid to initiate the conversation to start this process. 

Your Teenager Is Acting Out

Another sign that your teenager may be struggling with mental health issues is that they may have begun to act out in school. If they begin to act out in school and they have no past issues or behavior problems, it’s smart to find out if your teenager is suffering from mental health problems. Being proactive with your teenager is always better than waiting for it to spiral out of control and become a much bigger problem. Instead of having this happen, it’s good to find the root of the problem so they can address it in a healthy and productive way.

Raft Counseling is committed to uplifting our clients through a collaborative, client centered approach that supports mental health. We believe that the intentional support of our clients can make a world of difference, something we are passionate about helping you with. Our team prioritizes the individual to personalize service and treatment options to an individual’s specific set of needs. We have therapists that specialize in teen counseling and are excited to soon be offering family counseling. We value authentic and accessible services, and accept many insurance plans. If you are seeking to live intentionally and improve your mental health, and want to know where to begin, contact the compassionate and kind team at Raft Counseling today to begin your journey to mental wellness.
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