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Are you worried about your child?

Is he more withdrawn than his usual self? Fearful of things she was never scared of before and not talking about what's bothering her? Or maybe your child is acting out? Tantrums you haven't seen in years and big emotions that you hesitate to name because you're trying not to trigger yet another meltdown?

Our kids have been through a lot lately.

Endless changes in online school, classroom groups, sports, and clubs. On-going disappointments in changing plans and decreased time with the friends and family that they love. Our children have missed some fun time but have also experienced so much change. Perhaps you're noticing that they're struggling. And the decrease in interactions that support them in building confidence, learning social skills, and establishing some independence, have really impacted them.

With children, we see the behvaiors first. Your well-adjusted, smart, and polite child transforms into someone you love dearly but don't always like.

It's overwhelming to figure out how to help. RAFT therapists are here to support your child and your family.

Counseling for Kids in Parker, CO 

As adults, we can sometimes present well enough for a while. We smile when we’re feeling anything but happy and go through the motions of adulting. With your child, you’re seeing the behavior first and your gut is telling you to pay attention. You know your child best. It can be scary to figure out how best to help them and we’re here to help.  

RAFT therapists partner with your family to support mental health. Our child specialists start by meeting you and your child. We want to understand your concerns. You can expect our therapists to spend some time listening to you and make sure we understand your concerns and goals. We will also connect with your child. Our therapists excel at connecting with your child in a way that lays the foundation for counseling. Built on a solid counseling relationship, your child can process hard stuff.  

Our team will support your child in processing big emotions.

Your child will learn to identify and name emotions and learn ways to talk about what that means for them. Conversations will happen about hard things and ways to process them. Your child will learn strategies for coping. Often, children in therapy with RAFT quickly return to their baseline. Once that happens, they improve further and their mental health soars. Parents often express relief and excitement at seeing the changes in their child. Your child can learn to name frustrations and ways to deal with them. The outbursts can stop, and you can enjoy family time again. You can look forward to quality time together. Your child will be empowered in telling their story in a healthy way. They will feel proud of their accomplishments and of themselves.  

We want to empower your child to live confidently and unafraid of their emotions. Our work with children also includes parents or other primary caregivers. You play a critical role in supporting your child and we work with you as well to empower you in that role. Counseling with children can often blend sessions for your child and other members of your family as most helpful for your family and goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling for Children 

Our RAFT team will complete a thorough assessment of your child’s history, concerns, and goals. This part will include asking you to complete paperwork on behalf of your child and asking you to fill us in on how we can best support your family. Our trained specialists will make recommendations about how to best meet your goals. This might include 1:1 work between our therapist and your child. Often, 1:1 work is best complimented by some sessions that include a parent, other primary caregiver. Additionally, sessions that include additional members for family therapy can be incorporated as helpful as well. Sessions can be flexible around what best fits your family and goals. 

Working with therapists at RAFT Counseling means this is an open conversation. You know your child and family best and we want to know what areas you see that would be helpful to focus on. Often, it is important for your child to have a safe space for them to practice independence and autonomy. But this is often blended with family work and can always be flexible to fit your family's needs. 

No, we do not have use of any one way mirrors in our space at RAFT. In order to make the best use of our time, we strive to create a trusting relationship with your family. Some sessions may intentionally include you or other family members. Other times, your child will meet with our therapists 1:1. Being in the room for those sessions can be distracting and disruptive. You are welcome to hang out in our waiting room while your child has any 1:1 sessions with our therapists. We offer water and snacks and family members often find this is a welcome time to have a moment to themselves. You are welcome and encouraged to stay in our lobby area in case your child does need you at any time during the session.

RAFT therapists will include you in sessions as helpful even if the primary focus is on 1:1 sessions with your child. Even with 1:1 work, ongoing concerns and progress can be communicated to your child’s therapist. We can always take a few minutes to connect. If additional sessions, or taking a full session to collaborate would be helpful, that can be arranged with your child’s therapist directly. This is encouraged and helpful for our therapists to hear from you.

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