Parenting Stress and Overwhelm

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RAFT offers counseling for overwhelmed Moms.

Tired of feeling guilty ALL the time?

Spinning over all of the decisions, choices, and requirements placed in your lap? Do you worry that you’re not giving enough and at the same time totally exhausted because you have no more to give?

The RAFT team is here to help. If you ever find yourself stressed and overwhelmed with worry about your family, children, work, and just LIFE, we understand. That resentment does not need to keep building before you take some time for you to process what’s happening with you and create a better way.


Being a Mom is hard. The endless lists running through your head of what everyone needs and all the things that need your attention. The carpools, childcare, chores, work, school, sports…where does it end? Lots of Moms feel all of the stress and take it on as their own. Do you believe you’re doing a great job? As Moms, we often add on guilt because we never believe we’re doing quite enough. Sometimes we do mess up but are you feeling guilty for packing a snack that wasn’t quite healthy enough or adding that extra hour of screen time? There’s a balance of sifting through what’s yours and what would benefit you to let go.

Oh and self care? Hahahahaha.

There has to be a better way.

RAFT therapists are here to help you figure out the stress and overwhelm. We want to work together to decrease the anxiety, release the guilt, and self care it up. All in a way that works for you!

We offer a space that is designed for you.

Whether telehealth or in office, we create a safe place to share the challenges and stresses together. A space to take off the filter and freely talk about what it’s like to live your life without feeling guilty. RAFT therapists offer a space where you don’t have to feel alone. We are here to offer support in decreasing the overwhelm and sifting through the pieces to help you to figure out the answers to your next right steps.

We offer a space to breathe.

A place to name the stressors, frustrations, hurt, challenges, and pain. We want to celebrate being a mom with you and also recognize and validate the parts of being a mom that are soul sucking and exhausting. We want to connect with you in a way that feels empowering and confidence building.

We want you to be seen and heard in a way that reminds you of who YOU are. Do you remember who that is? Does that version still fit with you as Mom? If not let’s collaborate on this new version of you. Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, sadness, stressed out to the max….these do not need to be included in this version! You can overcome these challenges and we can help. The part of you that is Mom can exist with the other parts that make you uniquely you. There is a way to include the things that you love and live in a way that is fulfilling to all of your parts. Helping you to move forward rested and waking up looking forward to your days.

What would life be like if you felt grounded, understood, and relaxed? Our therapists incorporate validation and support with therapeutic strategies that target the guilt and overwhelm so that you feel better. We partner an amazing connection with tools that build confidence and empower you to move forward.

FAQs about Being Overwhelmed and Stressed, Treatment, in

Parker, CO

While there’s no one size fits all “Momerapy” (that we know of!) we integrate different approaches to connect, identify what would be helpful for you, and set your goals. A big piece of therapy is creating a supportive relationship and connection. On that foundation we build using reflection, skills, and evidenced based counseling approaches. Some different approaches we pull in include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). These approaches help to recognize patterns that leave us feel stuck and then create new patterns to get unstuck.

This is a tricky one and the answer is sometimes. Ideally, the counseling space is a space that is uniquely yours. As Moms, we protect our children from things that are scary. And sometimes we need to talk about scary things with our therapist. It might be beneficial to talk about the hard parts of motherhood and parenting with our counselor and what does that look like when our child is in the room? What does it look like to move forward in caring for our own needs when our child is needing us in that very moment? However, we get it. Sometimes life happens…Our childcare falls through, no one is available to watch them, they are too young to leave in someone else’s care. Some things to consider:

  • Telehealth counseling is available. Can you fit in a video session during nap time? Can you set the kids up with a movie so that you can take some time to meet with your counselor in the bedroom privately to speak freely?

We understand life happens and sometimes some connection is better than nothing at all. If you must bring your child with you, we have toys available in the office that are available as distractions while you talk. These sessions might look different, with different topics covered than in sessions where you are able to meet alone. If childcare for appointments is a challenge, RAFT therapists are open to that conversation. Your counselor can help figure out what that looks like so that your mental health is also supported.

We offer telehealth video sessions for all clients physically in Colorado. Would it be possible to fit in a session during nap time? Are kids in school and we can plan to meet in the Parker office after you drop them off? There are options if you feel like the consequences of not doing this for yourself might be greater than finding a time that works. We don’t need our schedule together to be a beautiful once per week session at the same day and time. There is flexibility and other options. Your counselor is open to this conversation and can help you figure out what this looks like.

Yes! We very confidently include all of the following on the list.

  • Nervousness

  • Restlessness

  • Feeling Tense

  • Heightened Sense of Danger

  • Sense of Dread

  • Rapdid breathing

  • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly

  • Focus on certain ideas or things

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Tearfulness

  • Hopelessness

  • Irritability

  • Loss of interest and enjoyment in activities

  • Memory Loss

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Changes in appetite

  • Worthlessness

  • Not feeling anything at all

  • Making decisions is difficult

  • Difficulty focusing

But you don’t have to feel this way all the time. While completely “normal”, we are also confident RAFT counselors can offer support and strategies so that you start feeling better. Supporting your mental health will positively impact not only you but your children and family as well.

What would it be like if you could relieve your stress and being overwhelmed, everyday?

We are confident that our Parker-based counseling center can help you make this change using in-person or online therapy. Reach out today to get started.

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